A T&A Wedding

Monday, June 19, 2006

Directions to the venue

As you know, we are having our wedding and reception at the Delta hotel here in Victoria. Here is a map of the area. You can click on the picture to go to Google Maps so you can move the map around and zoom in/out to help plan your route to the hotel.

If you come over the Johnson St. bridge, you will want to be in the right hand lane. Just after the bridge take the off ramp up and to the right. This will bring you to the main entrance to the hotel. If you keep going to the right you will see the underground parking garage to the left. We will be given a code to get into the garage, but we don't have the code yet.

In other news, things are moving along. The guest list has been trimmed and now we will be having around 50 guests. We have figured out what we want for the invitations. It is just a matter of doing up some trial copies. We are planning on having them printed, and then assembling them ourselves. That will be the big project after we get back from a friend's wedding in Vancouver this week. Hopefully we will have them sent out in a couple of weeks.


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