A T&A Wedding

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Less than 2 mo. to go.

Holy cow.

I can scarcely believe that there's now less than 2 months until the wedding. On the plus side, today was a pretty good day, wedding wise. We got the rest of the stuff we needed to do the invitations, so if we can huckle our butts, they should be sent out later this week or early next week. I hope everyone likes the look of the invitations as much as we do.

We also met with the chef at the Delta who will be doing our cake. He has recently finished a cake decorating class with one of his co-workers. They are just trying to get as much experience as they can, so the cake will be quite inexpensive.

Finally, we went in and ordered our wedding bands. Getting all that stuff done is quite a relief because we are really starting to feel the pinch of time.


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