A T&A Wedding

Friday, June 23, 2006

We just came from the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen, a wedding that took tonnes of planning and went off like a dream. Adam and I have picked up a few pointers, lemme tell ya.

I've just come from the florist. The flowers I want are all in season, which means I can get as many as I'll need and they won't cost an arm and a leg. The florist, whose name is Adele, is brilliant. About forty-five, with one daughter (married), she can identify a grainy mugshot of a flower at twenty paces. She's a can-do kind of woman, and so enthusiastic about flowers.

Nothing was going to stand between her and my dream bouquet. When I mentioned we had chosen blue and white for colours and apologized for the inconvenient colour (we want a natural, not a fluorescent dyed blue), she told me that it was nothing. She'll get me whatever I want in a natural blue or spray white flowers with a natural looking dye. Black, she said, is the colour that causes problems. I didn't even know there were black flowers. She showed me some. Behind her little booth was a fragrant world in a fridge; stands of tall, sweet blossoms, roses of every size and color, something spriggy that smelled of pepper, row after row of black cups filled with tumbling flowers. Amazing.

Oh, and I've finished building the bridesmaid's favours. As a clue, ladies, here's our wedding slogan: "Love is sweet". Yum.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Directions to the venue

As you know, we are having our wedding and reception at the Delta hotel here in Victoria. Here is a map of the area. You can click on the picture to go to Google Maps so you can move the map around and zoom in/out to help plan your route to the hotel.

If you come over the Johnson St. bridge, you will want to be in the right hand lane. Just after the bridge take the off ramp up and to the right. This will bring you to the main entrance to the hotel. If you keep going to the right you will see the underground parking garage to the left. We will be given a code to get into the garage, but we don't have the code yet.

In other news, things are moving along. The guest list has been trimmed and now we will be having around 50 guests. We have figured out what we want for the invitations. It is just a matter of doing up some trial copies. We are planning on having them printed, and then assembling them ourselves. That will be the big project after we get back from a friend's wedding in Vancouver this week. Hopefully we will have them sent out in a couple of weeks.

Monday, June 05, 2006


We've been putting the legwork in. It's just under ninety days till the wedding and Adam and I have met with the marriage commissioner (Terri is her name, and she seems lovely), decided on the menu (catering only to ourselves with this one, really) and are finishing up stuff with the photographer. Tomorrow we go hunt for stationary, but tonight, I can let all the stress ebb. Things are looking pretty organized at last.