A T&A Wedding

Monday, July 17, 2006

Check your mail


The invitations are finally in the mail. Hopefully people should start receiving them later this week. We didn't include return cards per se. We included an email address and our phone number for people to let us know if they are attending. We will reply to any emails we get, so if you send us your reply via email and we don't get back to you in a few days, please try sending the email again or phone us. That being said, we did include cards with the invitations. They are so you know exactly who is invited. If you really want to, you can mail the card back to us, but we would prefer email first, then telephone.

In other news, the alterations on Tam's dress are nearly finished, the bridesmaids dresses have arrived, and the boys and I are going down on Thursday to get fitted for our tuxes.

Last Thursday we met with the photographer to have our engagement portraits done. I believe he will be posting them on the web, so we will let you know when they are up so you can have a look at them. We aren't planning on having a traditional guest book, but instead will be getting one of the engagement portraits framed with a large mat so people can sign the mat. We didn't think that we would really go back and look at a guest book, so we thought this would be a better idea.


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